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Seki Cave Hotel 

Cavusin is the new hip town of Cappadocia! 3 km away from the town of Goreme, Cavusin provides the most tranquil stay in Cappadocia. Even though the town is quiet and away from the crowded tourist stops, Cavusin still provides the best view of Cappadocia where the chances of seeing the hot air balloons are the highest of all. 

In 2015 owner of the famous Kelebek Group, Ali Yavuz, had decided to build a hotel that can provide the uniqueness and restful experience to the visitors of Cappadocia. His ambition to provide what he had been when he first joined the tourism business in Cappadocia guided Mr. Ali to the town of Cavusin which is just a few valleys away from Goreme. 

Thats when the Seki Cave Hotel had come into being a luxury, cave, small boutique hotel with many terraces in Cavusin Cappadocia. 


Seki Cave Hotel 
Located at the top of the Local Town, Cavusin Cappadocia

'Seki' means terraced platforms in Turkish! Seki Cave Hotel Cavusin has its name inspired by the many terraces, most beautiful views of the town, historical site, hot air balloons, and the valleys.

Choosing Seki is the best decision you will make if you are looking for a quiet and tranquil experience in Cappadocia where you will enjoy the sunrise, sunset and the view of the hot air balloons from your private terrace.

Seki Cave Hotel